One App, Multiple Applications

Book and pay for parking, manage your parking permits, and get easy access to restricted areas from your phone with Sippi – less fuss, more flow.

Find and pay for your parking, your way.

Payments tailored to you

Finding parking near you and paying for your stay has never been easier! Only pay for what you use, and take advantage of any special pricing available to you, such as emission based rates, promotional offers, and more!

Find and navigate to a Sippi car park near you via the Sippi app or your in-car system – Sippi supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Download the Sippi app to keep record of your vehicles, payment methods and receipts, or find a scan-to-pay sign
Pay only for what you use. Depending on the location, options available to you include pay on entry, exit, before arriving, up to 24h after leaving the site, and more!

Manage your parking permits.

Hassle-free permits

Managing your own parking permits has never been easier! When invited, register online and follow the steps to add vehicles, payment methods and more into your own private permit management portal.

No more waiting for physical permits to arrive by post! Manage the permits for your vehicles, visitors, carers
No more worrying about late, lost or incorrectly displayed permits
No more paper permits, with e-permits being the greener, more sustainable solution

Get access to restricted areas.

Digital access solution

No PIN number to remember or access cards or fobs to carry. Permitted users can grant access from the app to their visitors/contractors without having to meet their guests at the door, gate, or car park.

Available on:


Digital, self-service approach means more control for you! Pay on entry, exit, after exit and more!


No more waiting for physical permits to arrive by post! No need to look for the payment machines.

Peace of mind

No avoidable parking ticket due to lost or incorrectly displayed permit. No more worrying about pre-paid time.


No more paper permits or pay-and-display tickets, no emissions for emptying machines, means a sustainable solution.


No PIN number to remember or access cards or fobs to carry. No more looking for spare change! No need to go backwards and forwards between a car and machine.

Your guests will love it too!

​Grant access from the app to your guests and visitors. Easily apply for contractor or carer permits.

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